Meet Pastor Joseph L. Poole

About Us

Joseph is the youngest of six children born November 15, 1968 to the Rev. Jordan & Mary Poole Sr. & grew up in a Christian home in southern New Jersey. He was very active in the church growing up and even acknowledged the calling on his life at a very early age. But like so many distractions redirected his focus and his interest in church became less and less. His Mother and Father being concerned about his activities and focus sent him to live with relatives in Darlington, SC where he finished his last year of High School even though he still found trouble. By the grace of God he managed not to get a criminal record and joined the U.S. Marine Corps in August of 1986. While with the Marine Corps, he was afforded the opportunity to work with several different Government agencies such as the State Department, FBI, U.S. Customs and more. Although he was still running from the call of God he was still being groomed and prepared for Ministry. Joseph played International basketball in addition to having the opportunity to make Radio & Television Commercials. Even with all this he still was empty and searching for a place of peace. It wasn't until Joseph reflected on things that were instilled in as a youth, the basic truth of God's love that he was able to find true purpose and directions. In 1990, Joseph openly acknowledged and accepted his calling on his life to preach Gospel, and in 1991 he was licensed as a Minister under Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Dovesville, SC and was later ordained as an Elder in 1996. Although life has thrown some curve balls throughout his life as it does with everyone, Joseph stands on the fact that whatever has come, God has always kept his loving arms around him. He says the trick is "Even when you don't feel blessed you have to keep remembering that you are!" Over the years Joseph has been blessed to serve under powerful ministries, work in high level professional positions, become a published poet, co-host and host his own radio program and be a Guest speaker for services, events, training seminars & Conferences Nationally and Internationally. But his true passion and one of his greatest satisfactions comes from mentoring and ministering to young people.  In August 2013 Elder Poole accepted the call to Pastor Breath of Life Outreach Ministries in Trenton, NJ and in 2015 by the direction of the Holy Spirit he has Established Restoration Outreach Community Church & Center in Trenton NJ, to God be the Glory!  He is a Husband to his beautiful wife Lady Priscilla Poole, a Father to 2 Daughters Elisha & Alexandria 3 Sons Joseph II, Jaden, Jordan & Grandfather to Kayden, a Man of God, Marine, Martial Artist, Mentor and Motivator; he is dedicated to trying to make a positive impact on today's society by inspiring others to strive for greater excellence!

Restoration Outreach Community Church is striving to edify the Kingdom of God by repairing the breach between Mankind and God one souls at a time.  We believe that the world can be won back to Christ through ministering to people as a whole. There are to many people going hungry, to many people homeless, to many people going through and feeling they have no where to turn. No more will these cry go unanswered!  As the Holy spirit leads and guides us to all truth the truth is we the body of Christ need to do more!

So we believe that God has established this Ministry to Impact our community in every way possible.  As we continue to look and establish ways to positively Impact our community we ask that you join us in fellowship and ministry as we answer the Social, Spiritual and Economical needs of our community.  Through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Vision given to our Pastor, Joseph L. Poole our Goal is to Impact, Inspire and Involve the community in this healing process and journey of returning to Faith in God!  So please partner with us to restoring the City, the State and even the World to where God intended it to be by Impacting One Souls at a Time!